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In June 2012 the Geraldton Ulysses Branch had a Rally to Broome in association with Broome West Kimberly Branch.  Ulysses members travelled from Perth, Geraldton, Port Hedland and further afield.
The 2012 Broome Rally went extremely well, with 70+ attendees,  on 45+ bikes. 
In summary:
  • the venue at Broome's Camp School was magic; 
  • there were a couple of lovely evening dinners; 
  • the weather Gods were very kind; 
  • a large party were able to go out on several boat trips organised by the local sea rescue groups; 
  • there was a large turnout for the Sunday morning Roebuck Plain Roadhouse Breakfast Run;
  • this was followed by a great ride to Derby (230km each way) for lunch; 
  • where we also had a visit to the Derby Flying Doctor base. 

 Overall, a huge success!

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